Bespoke and Custom Service

If you can't find what you are looking for or want to create a unique piece of Jewellery that you will treasure forever we can help. We can use over 10 years experience in the Jewellery industry to design, source, manufacture and create that special piece for you. Our bespoke and custom jewellery Service can create a piece of jewellery that meets all of the requirements that you have. We start with your ideas for what you are looking for then build on that.

Step 1) Inspiration

We start the process with an initial consultation with you to see what you want either over the phone or by email. You tell us what you want, send us any photos, sketches or inspiration that you already have. Let us know all the details like what metal you are want, stones, engraving, sizes, budget etc.

Step 2) Design

We then take all the information that you gave us at the initial consultation to come up with a design. We try to work with you as closely as we can during the design phase to make sure that we get it just right. Depending upon what you are looking for the design can take as long as a week and can be done as quickly as a day. We can also give you an initial cost estimate at this stage too.

Step 3) Design finalisation and Manufacturing.

After you have approved the design and paid the deposit the manufacturing can begin. We try to get everything completed within 3-4 weeks but more complex designs can take longer and simpler designs can be completed quicker too.